The all-new Lucid Series offers the most advanced features and industry leading performance in the most compact form factor. The series feature 3, 6 and 12 GHz single channel versions, all sharing the very same industry leading highlighted features, in a compact, small footprint module. Featuring extremely fast switching speed, superior signal integrity and purity, all the necessary modulated signals for analog communication systems, with built in SPI and micro-USB interface, the Lucid Series is designed to meet today’s most demanding specifications, needed from the R&D benches to the production lines.

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3, 6 & 12GHz multi-channel RF analog signal generator

Extremely Fast Switching speed of <100us

Extra small, compact module platform

USB and SPI interfaces

Remotely programmable via MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW and other software programming environments.

Exceptionally Low Phase Noise of -145dBc/Hz @100MHz and [email protected] offset

Multi instrument synchronization capability

AM, FM, PM, Sweep & Pulse Modulation

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