Get the Tabor Quantum Physics Starter Pack at a special price*

The Tabor Quantum Physics starter pack is the ultimate Qubit control and measurement package enabling you to generate any combination of shaped pulses up to 12GHz.

1 Qubit

P1282D +


From $23,100

2 Qubit

P1284D + 

2x LS1291D

From $34,600

4 Qubit

P1288D + 

4x LS1291D

From $62,000

Proteus P128XD Arbitrary Waveform Generator provides 16 bit, high fidelity pulse shaping capabilities.
Lucid LS1291D Microwave Signal Generator provides high power, high quality LO drive capability up to 12GHz.

Promotion dates – September 30

  • According to sales promotion terms.
  • USA prices only, international prices will vary
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